Should I take the ACT or the SAT?

"Should I take the ACT or the SAT?" 

This is a question we get ALL THE TIME, and there is plenty of confusing and incorrect information out there on the ACT vs. the SAT. Let's banish misconceptions together and figure out which test is right for you or your student. 

Misconception #1

"You should decide which test to take based on the school you want to go to. Different schools have different preferences." 

False! Schools all over the country accept both the SAT and ACT. Both are used to determine college admissions decisions as well as merit-based scholarships. Both tests are regarded on equal standing. 

Misconception #2

"The SAT is for super smart kids. That's why I'm taking the ACT." 

Nope! There are several key differences between the two tests, which you should take under consideration, but being "super smart" or not should not be a deciding factor. There is not one test that is considered more difficult than the other, overall. 

Misconception #3

"The tests are the same, so it doesn't really matter."

Not quite. The SAT and ACT have becoming increasingly similar over the years, and it's true that preparing for one test will help you prepare for the other. However, there are differences that might make one test a better choice for a student. We cover those differences in the chart below. 

ACT vs. SAT info provided by

ACT vs. SAT info provided by

So how do you find out which test is best? 

The best test to take is the one you excel at. The best way to determine which test to focus on is to take practice tests. Schools often administer a PSAT or Pre-ACT, and this will likely give you some great information as to which test is a better fit. If the test scores are similar, consider which test you prefer. Are the scores comparable, but you hate the ACT science section? Pick the SAT. Or maybe you love the science section and hate the tough history passages often found on the SAT reading. Go for the ACT! 

As always, please contact us with any questions you may have. We happily provide students with comparison tests to determine which test will yield the best result.